*Actors' Equity Association
¤taxdeductible theatre core member

The Dare Project #17
March 23, 2011 - The Wings Theater (NYC)

photos by Kyle Groff - visit Kyle Groff Photography

Dare: A ten minute preview of one of the full length plays currently in development with taxdeductible theatre

After the Party

The last person to leave the party gives the host something to remember her by.

He: Mike Mihm¤
She: Lesslie Dodge Crane*¤



It's closing night, and the set isn't the only thing left to strike.

X: Taylor Galloway
O: Dan Matisa*
Crew: Michael Poignand*¤

Special appearances: Wendy Bagger¤, David Castro

Dare: A Jacobean Tragedy (lots of blood, murder & betrayal) starring kindergartners

The Kindergartner's Tragedy

A long plan for vengeance finally comes to fruition, tearing a family apart one member at a time.

David: Kyle Groff*
Nell: Lauren Stanford*

Special appearances: Bridget Harvey*, Dan Matisa*

Dare: To write a naked play with no nudity AND a Five Foot tall clown plays the guitar

Full Frontal

An innovative therapy technique reveals some things which may be best left hidden.

Him: Christopher Catalano*¤
Her: Ami Jhaveri

Special thanks to Ryan Rossetto for helping us be naked. You have a gift.

Dare: To write a ten minute preview of another full length plays currently in development with taxdeductible theatre.

The Dissolution Room

How much faith do you have in your online profile?

Matthew Johnson: Michael Poignand*¤
Margaret Johnson: Wendy Bagger¤
Abbott George Ludden: Robert Larkin¤
Novice Madeleine Goddard: Amanda Ladd*

PDF of the Program

Front of House: Ashley Hesse¤, Amy Moum
Light Board Operator: Kendra Kay¤
Sound Board Operator: Robert W. McMaster¤

taxdeductible theatre also wishes to thank...
Kyle Groff Photography
The Church of Immaculate Conception in Astoria
St. Patrick's Church
Bob Choinere
Tom Fazio
The Wings Theatre

click here for a pdf version of the program

* denotes actor appears courtesy of Actors' Equity Association.
¤ denotes taxdeductible theatre core member.