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The Dare Project #10
February 13, 2008 - The Wings Theater (NYC)

Dare: Every sentence must begin with an onomatopoeia

Don't Drop the Soap

Kaliedescope the Clown and Conjunction the Kangaroo return to present a musical comedy revue in prison.

Kaleidoscope the Clown: Jed Aicher
Conjunction the Kangaroo: Christopher Catalano
Momma: Joe Ardizzone
Choo Choo: Joseph Regan
Sexy Gossip Show Host #1: Jimmie Galaites
Sexy Gossip Show Host #2: Christopher Goodwin

Dare: Write a play about an obsessive compulsive sanitary worker


A late-shift maid confronts her inner demons -- and the obsessed man who works upstairs.

Consuela: Sarah Stockton
Man: Dan Matisa
Guard: Dan Schultz

Dare: Write a ten minute nursery rhyme

Jack and Jill on the Way Uphill

Nursery Rhyme realities get jumbled up as Jack and Jill meet for lunch at a hilltop cafe.

Jack: Kyle Groff
Jill: Sara Beth-Lee Williams
Mary: Angela Dirkson

Dare: A musical, based on the film, The Remains of the Day

What Remains

While recording their next album, the band's story plays out through their music.

"G": Justin Badger
Katie: Kelly Mealia
Dirk: Brian Luna
Tobias: Terry Small

"What Remains": lyrics by Terry Small, Music by Justin Badger
"Boba-Fett" and "Political Pig": music and lyrics by Terry Small and Galen Piltz

Dare: A play about an old woman who walks into walls


A son is concerned about his mother's apparent dementia and her causing harm to herself.

Mom: Charlotte Hampden
Son: Dan Schultz

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