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The Dare Project #9
December 12, 2007 - The Wings Theater (NYC)

DARE: A ten minute love story involving senior citizens

Family Values

Two older gentlemen prepare for a night out of celebration with their visiting daughter.

Bennett: Oliver Conant
Andrew: John Freda*
Rita: Kelly Howe

Dare: Christians: Friend, or Foe?


Members of "Coping With Christianity" meet to support each other and confront their common foe.

Nick: Joe Ardizzone
Harry: Bill Bria
Mary: Daisy Rosario
Jesus: Ethan Baum*

Dare: To make someone truly repentant.


Three observers comment on a living figure modeled before them.

Yellow: Mike Mihm
Red: Michael Poignand*
Blue: Bryn Boice*
Figure 1: Danny Jensen*
Figure 2: Amy Elizabeth Sabin
Figure 3: Josh Tagrole

Special thanks to Chris Rummel. For Betsy.

Dare: An alcoholic mother, a power hungry lawyer and a bag of stolen birthday wishes collide at a diner

The Hopeful Ones

Mother and son confront old wounds at his birthday dinner.

Son: John Keitel*
Mom: Marci Elyn Schein
Waitress: Andrea Marie Smith

Special thanks to Byrd re: 'fucking shit up'

Dare: Write an action play where no characters move from their original mark.

Trigger Happy (or, Don't Fucking Move)

A young Iraqi man gets to know shadowy US "Security Officers" when all three are ambushed.

Hatch: Zach Fischer*
Decker: Kevin Dwyer
Ali: Al Nazemian*

Special thanks to Samir Khalidy

PDF of the Program

Front of House: Kendra Kay
Audience Coordinator: Toni Hull
Production Manager: Beth Brown
Light Board Operator: Scott Casper
Sound Board Operator: Robert W. McMaster

taxdeductible theatre also wishes to thank...
James Beeler Photography
St. Patrick's Church
Tom Fazio
Kyle Groff
NYC Department of Cultural Affairs/NYC Department of Sanitation/NYC Department of Education.
The Wings Theatre

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* denotes actor appears courtesy of Actors' Equity Association.
¤ denotes taxdeductible theatre core member.