The Dare Project #23

"They Got Dared to Write These Plays" at tdf's STAGES (2/21/2014)
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"...The Dare Project forces everyone to plunge into something without hesitation."


"Interview with Scott Casper, Artistic Director of taxdeductible theatre" at StageBuzz (3/5/2013)
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" feels like the myth is the way it’s supposed to be."

"#hero - review by Anthony Pennino" at The New York Theatre Experience (3/1/2013)
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"...functions equally well as a social satire, a philosophical investigation, and an emotionally devastating character study."
"The cast is uniformly superlative."

"Review: #hero at The Chain Theatre (NYC)" at Daily Actor (2/28/2013)
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"...intelligently reflective of our media-driven society..."

"Featured Artist: Scott Casper" at Mission to (dit)Mars (2/27/2013)
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"I’m very excited about the possibilities..."