*Actors' Equity Association
¤taxdeductible theatre core member

The Dare Project #16
November 2, 2010 - The Wings Theater (NYC)

Dare: A happy play about a woman who was a nun in her former life.

The Merry Way

A hopeless bartender meets a singing nun who changes his life.

Paddy: Michael Poignand*¤
Felicity: Rebecca Hart*

Special thanks to James J. Fenton

Dare: To put one boob on a store front window.

The Boob

When putting 'em on the glass inspires an entire town.

Frank: Robert Larkin¤
Stu: Scott Casper*¤
Ensemble: Christopher Catalano*¤, Lesslie Dodge Crane*¤, Jimmie Galaites*¤, Alix McEachern Jones*¤, Mike Mihm¤, et al.

Dare: To write a thriller with a hero that can't tell time

Office Thriller

Losing yourself and losing time in the daily grind.

Boss: Lesslie Dodge Crane*¤
Hero: Joseph DiSalle*

Dare: To buy the bar around.


Revisiting a miracle, salvation comes to those we least expect.

Chapman: Madeleine Burns*
Peter: Eric C. Bailey*
Frank: Robert Larkin¤
Jesus: Jimmie Galaites*¤

Dare: To write a ten minute preview of one of the full length plays currently in development with taxdeductible theatre.


When the appropriate answer to his marriage proposal is a punch in the face.

Ken: Mike Mihm¤
Dagny: Alix McEachern Jones*¤
Doctor: Wendy Bagger¤
Party Guests: the company

PDF of the Program

Front of House: Ursula Anderman, Ashley Hesse¤
Light Board Operator: Kendra Kay¤
Sound Board Operator: Robert W. McMaster¤

taxdeductible theatre also wishes to thank...
James Beeler Photography
The Church of Immaculate Conception in Astoria
St. Patrick's Church
Bob Choinere
Tom Fazio
The Wings Theatre

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* denotes actor appears courtesy of Actors' Equity Association.
¤ denotes taxdeductible theatre core member.