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The Dare Project #7
June 6, 2007 - The Wings Theater (NYC)

Dare: To evoke a soon to be extinct species

The Cure

Armed guards storm a theatre filled with sick people in an attempt to control a deadly outbreak.

First: Farah Snipes
Second: Julie Finerock
Soldier 1: Bryant Mason
Soldier 2: Shannon Michael Wamser
Soldier 3: Don Whitmore
Husband: Will Ditterline
Wife: Liz Dailey
Plant: Kati Foy

Dare: A girl who can only hear with her eyes closed and talk with her ears covered

Waiting for Gina

A blind man meets several incarnations of Gina on his blind date.

Nancy: Bryn Boice
Sullivan: Scott Casper
George: Christopher Catalano

Dare: Write a play about Brack Obama and Osama bin Laden, in which they both appear

The Infinitesimal Quantum Probabilities Generator

A physics professor and his young assistant explore the limits of entropy and their own success.

Scientist: Joseph DiSalles
Student: Jamie Ansley
Barack Obama: Jared Robinson
Osama bin Laden: Bryant Mason

Dare: Ron Howard decides his true love is Noel Coward and decides to go back in time to meet him, but he keeps missing his stop in the space-time continuum

Howard Coward

The subway doors slam shut leaving Ron Howard and a New Yorker to wonder what they've really missed.

Girl: Suzanna Neely Bridges
Ron Howard: Dan Schultz

Dare: Sexy time at the holocaust

A Sexy Time at the Holocaust: A Morality Play

A man is haunted by singing spirits shortly after his own death.

Blaze: Deanna Gibson
Gramercy: Aaron Kliner
Adams: Ross Boehringer

Original production music by Ken Ferrigni

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Stage Manager: Jillian Conneys
Front of House:
Light Board Operator:
Sound Board Operator:

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The Wings Theatre

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