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The Dare Project #11
April 2, 2008 - The Wings Theater (NYC)

Dare: An Ibsen-esque play, but in space

Ibs in Space

A director must cope with alien dynamics while rehearsing A Doll's House on an inter-stellar ship.

Tchk-Ftang: Wendy Bagger
Archie: Ross Boehringer
Manjil: Kelly Howe
Gleep: Joe Ardizzone
Rackna 5: Scott Casper

Dare: Write a play about a non-celebrity paparazzi

I Bet You Think This Play is About You

A sociology professor films a documentary on the life of a wild party girl.

Walter Reverie: Kerry Wolf
Jane Doe: Kelly Wallace

Dare: A choose-your-own-adventure play

The Portal

A young boy goes through a magic portal to save his dying father.

Narrator: Jimmie Galaites
Actor 1: Bryn Boice
Actor 2: Christopher Catalano
Actor 3: Mike Mihm

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