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The Dare Project #3
September 27, 2006 - The Wings Theater (NYC)

Dare: Write a play about hands, for children

The Hand Job

A mobster teaches two teenage boys how to clean up after themselves.

Donnie: Greg Tongue
Stevie: Nick Kau
Mr. H: Brian Coffey
Mom: Andrea Calarco

Dare: A helicopter, snorkeling

A Helicopter, Snorkeling

On the eve of his wedding, "Helicopter" seeks guidance from his buddies at his bachelor party.

Chad Johnson: Mike Poignand
Miles: Rich Fromm
Davis: Dan Schultz
Spinella: Christopher Catalano

Dare: Three chicks, and a seven layer dip

Party Hypocryphal

Two timid women confront their confident friend about her drinking problem.

Prudence: Julia Tobey
Martha: Bryn Boice
Sadie: Kimlee Hicks

Dare: Emotional turmoil on a morning talk show

In Our Next Segment...

An author reveals his motive for success during this dramatic interview segment.

Female Host: Kelly Howe
Male Host: Zach Fischer
Alan Stewart: Mike Mihm

Dare: Write a spy thriller

The Hand Off

Cell phone calls lead a man to horrific challenges to satisfy the voice on the other end of the line.

Man: Terry Small
Second: Mike Yahn
Woman: Julia Tobey
Voice: Scott Casper

Stage Manager: Kelly Howe
Front of House:
Light Board Operator:
Sound Board Operator:

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