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The Dare Project #1
June 26, 2006 - Stella Adler Studios (NYC)

Dare: Write a play containing the line or subject, "I think I like you more than I want to fuck you."

A Memoir

Dan takes a personal journey toward enlightenment.

Dan: Dan Schultz
Sarah: Sarah Beth-Lee Williams

Dare: A love play in verse

A Love Play in Verse
Ice, Fire and Clarity
Written on a Dare

A man runs away
From his fiancee at their
Rehearsal dinner.

He: Adam Hose
She: Deanna Gibson
Her: Bryn Boice

Dare: Write a play about a transsexual religious zealot


A conservative woman and a tranny get stuck on an elevator together.

Amber de la Norm: Jimmie Galaites
Christy Ann: Robin Benson
A Voice: Rich Fromm

PDF of the Program

Stage Manager: Rachel Bauder

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¤ denotes taxdeductible theatre core member.